Friday, October 17, 2008

More junk and stuff

This was supposed to be a piece of cake or so I though because the computer half came really quick even inspired which has been a personal hang up ive had with making music without a band sooooooo short story longer... I was excited that this just sorta formed like it would have in a garage and with other humans. And it actually kinda rocked which made me want to get some heavy guitars on it even more. Then I discovered a little curse about this whole "computer" thing I hadnt yet had to deal with. This demon is known as latency. Took me a while to figure it out because I would record guitar tracks and when I would play them back I'd be like damn I played that like shit (latency in this instance was causing the guitar tracks to not be recorded as tight as they were played). So yeah bet you wish you could have that two minutes of yer life back. Sorry it belongs to the black hole of pointless text you read for no damn reason. Hey don't feel so bad i wrote AND edited it! PFFFT "blogs"...... STFU AND Stick this in yer ear....

Vorbial before I put guitars on it


Well here is some other stuff that isn't all that new to me but it will be for on here. One thing thats kind of cool that has come from this loner approach to making music is that I can truly compose without a preconceived expectation to sound like ________ or belong to this or that "genre" self imposed or otherwise. If I ever do find some freaks who want to create music again I hope that aspect will carry over from these years in solitude. Art is infinitely more amazing without restrictions forged in the soul. IMHO

What The F!@#

A44343 This one sounds kinda cool back to back with the next one.....


Kinda dark and beautiful. The inspiration for this one came because i really liked the way orchestral/classical music sounds with that slow moody vibrato. There is a better word for it but I'm getting sick of typing and if yer reading this still your probably REALLY sick of it.


Friday, October 3, 2008