Monday, August 4, 2008

soggy bloggy

Hello this is my first real post technically my 2nd post if you count my post that consisted of "woo hoo" which i dont. A great guy I met via agreed to let me host my music on his server so this is an attempt to complete the share my music and art reason for doing this. Brap has a cool blog with his own stuff you can find at .

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Brap Allgood said...

Hey, thanks! If you add the 'Followers' widget in blogspot, it's easy to make that linking easy. :)

Eventually, I will get around to listening to your tracks. Listening to David Icke on Alex Jones right now (and recording it, heh). It seems there is always something else to listen to and it's less often music now. :( I'll get there. Hell, look how long it took me to notice THIS. :)